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Training Facilities

The AITI is doing its utmost to ensure that the trainees are offered the best possible training environment.

If you click the floor button, you can see the details.

  1. 1F
    BAI 1f

    Lobby, Auditorium, Grand Lecture Room, Seminar Room, Billiard Romm Medium,Lecture Room1.2, Small Lecture Room 1.2

  2. 2F
    BAI 2f

    President's office, Head of faculty Office,Audit Training Division,Accounting Training Division, Faculty Room, Cafeteria, Music Room, Dormitory

  3. 3F
    BAI 3f

    Fitness Room, Memorial Hall,Library, Nursing room, Group Discussion Room,Broadcasting Room,Booth, Sauna, Dormitory

  4. 4F
    BAI 4f

    Room for Night Duty,Lodgings(for2)