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Welcome Message from the President

Welecome to the BAI-edu Homepage,Thank you for visiting The Audit and Inspection Training Institute's Website.

Public officials should strive to perform their duties, ensuring transparency, accountability, and efficiency for the betterment of people’s lives. In this regard, audit and accounting can lay the foundation for good governance in the public sector.

The Audit and Inspection Training Institute (AITI) was established in January 1995. Since then, the AITI has been continuously providing training programs to public auditors of the Board of Audit and Inspection (BAI) as well as to those in charge of audit and accounting affairs at government agencies, local governments, and public institutions.

In recent years, AITI is pursuing great efforts to diversify the curriculum of online courses in the wake of a global transition towards non-face-to-face relationships, resulting from accelerated growth in information technology and the unexpected outbreak of COVID-19.

The institute is also devoted to enhancing national prestige by providing K-audit training programs established by the BAI for auditors from peer Supreme Audit Institutions. Until now, auditors from various countries (e.g. Indonesia, Vietnam) have participated in AITI’s training programs.

Along with a diverse range of programs, the AITI also offers our prospective trainees with captivating scenery, spectacular lake views, and a walking trail among forests of pine trees.

We look forward to your interest and participation in our international training programs, and encourage you to continue visiting our homepage for future updates.

Thank you.