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Education Information

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Training Programs

In order to nurture well-qualified audit and accounting personnel, the Audit and Inspection Training Institute(AITI) is doing its utmost to provide education programs under its education goals.

Training Courses for BAI Staff

  • Focus of the course :
    - Nurturing specialized auditors who will lead change and reform
    - Strengthening auditing competence, particularly system-auditing capabilities for major government policies and projects
    - Providing on-going innovation education/training for senior officials and newly-recruited staff
  • Who should attend :
    BAI staff

Education/training Courses for Auditee Organizations

  • Focus of the course :
    - Securing credibility of audit with specialization in education/training
    - Providing effective education/training for internal auditors
    - Demand-oriented specialized education
  • Who should attend :
    Internal auditors from national institutions, local goverments, government-invested organizations, and public organizations

Education/training Courses for Accounting-related Officials

  • Focus of the course :
    - Expanding and strengthening specialized accounting education/training following changes in the govermen
      accounting system
    - Strengthening case study-oriented education/training on accounting areas requiring improvement
    - Accounting education/training tour and field visit for internal auditors of local governments
  • Who should attend :
    Public officials in the field of accounting (internal employees) from national institutions, local governments, government-invested organizations,
    and public organizations

International Training

  • Focus of the course :
    - Enhancing professional competencies and skills through sharing audit knowledge and techniques among SAIs
    - Strengthening professional networks to promote institutional relationships and cooperation among SAIs
  • Who should attend :
    Audit officials of individual countries invited to participate in the training program

Online Training

  • Focus of the course :
    - Expanding training opportunities for BAI officials who cannot attend training courses due to frequent business trips
    - Strengthening basic fundamentals and on-the-job training
    - Ensuring high quality of audit and accounting education
  • Who should attend :
    BAI staff