Application and operation procedure


According to Article 4 of the Operational Rules on BAI’s Pre-consulting Service, the heads of central or municipal governments, special or metropolitan city mayors or governors of province and special autonomous province, and education superintendents of municipal governments may apply to the BAI’s pre-consulting service.

When pre-consulting service is required, public organizations and local governments (city, county, district) should apply to the internal audit body of their superior agencies, including the central government agencies or metropolitan municipal governments to which they belong, rather than directly to the Board.

In this case, the internal audit bodies of the superior agencies should present their consultation suggestions in principle. However, when it is difficult for them to make decisions despite having conducted an adequate internal review as the case is important or many stakeholders are involved, they may request pre-consulting service directly to the BAI in the name of the head of the central government agency.

Matters subject to pre-consulting service

All matters subject to audit by the BAI that complicate decision-making as the related regulations are vague or multiple organizations are involved. When the internal audit body receiving the application for the pre-consulting service deems it difficult to present suggestions due to abovementioned reasons, it can apply for the pre-consulting service directly to the BAI.

However, in order to preserve the intent of the pre-consulting, the following matters can be excluded from the service,

The cases listed below may be returned as they are excluded from pre- consulting:

① when officials are using it to settle civil petitions as a means of bureaucratic inertia or evasion of responsibilities;

② when the applicant agency fails to review a case sufficiently;

③ when the purpose is to verify the illegality or unjustness of the disposition that have already taken place;

④ when an investigation, lawsuit, administrative adjudication, or BAI’s audit is under way or being finalized.


To apply for pre-consulting service, please fill in the “Pre-consulting service application (form attached)” and submit it to the BAI (Bureau of Proactive Administration Support).

Download ‘Pre-consulting Service Application’ form

Review and results notification

After receiving the application, the BAI (Pre-consulting service team at the Bureau of Proactive Administration Support) delivers the results of its observation within 30 days after speedy review of the case to support proactive governance in the government agencies.

The review period may be extended as necessary to provide more careful consultation for complex cases.

Notification on the Implementation Status of Pre-consultation Suggestions

The head of a central government agency who has received the pre-consulting suggestions should notify the BAI (Bureau of Proactive Administration Support) of any actions taken according to the pre-consultation suggestions.

Even though the consulted organizations are not legally bound to observe the results of the BAI’s pre-consulting service, unless there are special circumstances, the organizations should strive to reflect the opinions of the BAI.

Download ‘Implementation of Pre-consulting Suggestions’ form


For further information on the pre-consulting service,
please contact the Bureau of Proactive Administration Support at 82-2-2011-2736.